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Priceless Milan

Park Associati

Photos courtesy of Andrea Martiradonna

Priceless Milan

Park AssociatiarchmarathonPark Associati
via Garofalo, 31, 20133 Milan
Hotel & Leisure
Project selected:
Priceless Milan
Milan, Italy
Winner of Hotel & Leisure category:

Jury motivation: A nomadic, temporary architecture which explores the unknonn spaces of the city in a new way. A re-interpretation of the space for leisure.

Priceless Milan is a temporary structure serving as a restaurant fitted out with an extremely flexible space that carefully adapts to the locations in which it is installed.
The pavilion can accomodate up to 24 seated guests around one single table or,alternatively, 66 people standing for special events. This living unit can be moved around and placed on top of existing buildings in striking locations.
If need be, sliding walls can separate the kitchen from the dining area, and the table can be lifted up to the ceiling to completely free up the space. Made out of a modular structure consisting of eight blocks assembled on site that are fully furnished and equipped with all the latest electrical appliances, the pavilion (150 m²), is constructed in a workshop with the distinctive feature of being easy to move around and assemble in a very short space of time.
The pavilion is covered with a perforated, press-formed, anodised aluminium skin in bronze/gold shades.This “sail” is designed to protect the structure against solar radiation, also ensuring conditions on the terrace below are comfortable.The restaurant is assembled in 2 stages.
The first stage involves preparing the area and installing the metal-framed substructure on which the pavilion units rest.
All 8 units are assembled during the second phase and the metal roof is also set in place.

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