Cultural Centre Le Creste

AREAPROGETTI and UNA2 Architetti Associati

Photos courtesy of Andrea Bosio

Cultural Centre Le Creste

AREAPROGETTI and UNA2 Architetti AssociatiarchmarathonAREAPROGETTI and UNA2 Architetti Associati
AREAPROGETTI: corso novara 99, 10154 Torino UNA2 Architetti Associati: Vico delle Mele 6/3 16123 Genova, Italy
Arts & Culture
Project selected:
Cultural Centre Le Creste
Rosignano Marittimo (LI), Italy

The building
The Cultural Centre is a flat, single-storey building crossed by a covered pedestrian walkway, which leads to an underpass functioning as important link in the urban network.
The building is divided into three distinct blocks arranged along the walkway: the cafeteria/newspaper library; the library; the play room; the youth information centre and the multi-purpose area.

Materials, technologies, systems
The building has a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete and a roof with a double frame of glulam beams and wooden planking above. At foundation level there are a series of channels for the natural ventilation of the building working together with a wind tower and some coloured solar chimneys arranged on the roof.
The infill walls are all constructed with pressed straw bales.
An extensive non-walkable roof garden has been created on the roof.
The inner garden of the library is delimited by a dune made of reinforced earth, which protects the indoor activities from railway noise.

Passive cooling
Passive cooling mainly focuses on the application of techniques for the natural ventilation of the rooms. The aim is to maximize the entry of natural air flows inside the building: the natural ventilation system is comprised of a wind tower and a system of solar chimneys arranged on the roof so as to serve the greatest number of rooms. The wind tower is a system for capturing air currents with openings at the top facing the prevailing winds. Taking advantage of the sea breezes, the tower directs the cool air to a net of underground channels.

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