Dacheng Factory Adaptive Reuse / UABB Venue

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NODE Architecture and Urbanism

Photo courtesy of NODE Architecture and Urbanism

Dacheng Factory Adaptive Reuse / UABB Venue

NODE Architecture and UrbanismarchmarathonNODE Architecture and Urbanism
Room 407,Building A2, OCT Loft, Shenzhen
Retrofitting and refurbishment
Project selected:
Dacheng Factory Adaptive Reuse / UABB Venue
Shenzhen, China

DaChan Flour Mills in Shekou is a historical memorial for Shenzhen people. It can be dated back to 1980, but was shut down in 2010 as result of the industrial upgrading and transformation in Shekou. Now selected as the main venue for 2015 UABB (Shenzhen), this industrial legacy will be re-activated and brought to life again through a renovation design by NODE.
The design principle proposed and implemented by NODE is to “adapt to and give full play to the existing conditions and maximize reuse of objects”. Specifically, it meant to retain and strengthen the very original quality of this industrial building of distinct features, then implant the new functions. To explore and regenerate the potential and vitality of the original spaces in those seemingly generic and typical factory buildings, powerful interventions are employed to maximize their attributes and realize diverse and hierarchical spaces. While preserving and restoring the original appearance of the industrial legacy as far as possible, unique visitor circulation is also created to offer all visitors an opportunity to experience in person the traces of the once booming industry. Ultimately, the goal is to, on this industrial relics left from the rapid development in Shekou, return to the mindset of harmony between man and nature and re-examine the relationship among human, society and nature.

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