Dakar International Conference Center

Tabanlıoğlu Architects

Photos courtesy of Emre Dörter

Dakar International Conference Center

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Mesrutiyet Caddesi No:67 Beyoglu 34430 Istanbul, Turkey
Arts & Culture
Project selected:
Dakar International Conference Center
Dakar, Senegal

The holistic roof joins separate units connected via water and bridges, like gathering collective identities of diverse nations, serving statesmen’s assemblies and associated events as well as public spaces. Twisted blades forming texture of mesh screen behave as a sunbreak granting shady interior without hindering accent of transparency. By placement of panels in variations at different levels and angles, the façade is perceived as an assortment of playful geometries glittering with day light. The 3-D effect of mesh curtain grants the building a floating expression over the surrounding reflection pool which becomes a dramatic illustration. When interiors are illuminated, patterns become even more playful on the water. Entering the complex is made possible at all sides. The presidential entrance directs to main conference hall for 1500 delegates. A public restaurant, open-air fair zone, a museum and gallery all unite under vast wooden roof, mimicking the patterns of ancient and symbolic baobab tree of Senegal. Elongation of the roof, the cantilever, designates the open air fairground and gathering zone.

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