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From the year 2005—when deamicisarchitetti was founded—our design approach has centred on making good use of our typically Italian ability to interpret and blend together ideas and lexicons from a variety of places, times and cultural contexts. Our aim is to realize projects that preserve a sense of time while providing new and original results in terms of performance and meaning: a synthesis of memory and the contemporary.
Fuelled by curiosity, research and the constant study of the world around us, we pay particular attention to connections and to the value of the space between “things”, always aiming to increase the usability, diversity and the beauty of places.
Our individualized approach to the design of buildings and urban spaces, together with careful attention to details, allows us to consistently provide our clients and the community at large with economic value, usability and high aesthetic standards.
No matter what the budget, every project is made unique by special attention to the forms of the living spaces, the lighting that sets them off and the surfaces that delimit them.
In order to achieve a high degree of environmental comfort, we adhere to the most innovative energy sustainability criteria, going beyond the selection of technical and insulation systems to focus both on the well-being of users and the effectiveness of production systems.

Main projects:
– Suburbian Villa, Pavia, Italy
– Alpine Foothills house, Borgiallo (Turin), Italy
– Santagostino Medical Centre, Milan, Italy
– House on the roof, Milan, Italy
– Value Partners headquarter, Milan, Italy
– Piazza Incontro, Settimo Milanese, Milan, Italy
– Public Kindergarten, Casarile, Milan, Italy

Work in progress:
– Residential Building Canonica, Milan, Italy
– Resort La Raia, Gavi, Alessandria, Italy
– Digital Entity Workspace, Nttdata, Italy
– Ntt data office building, Rome, Italy
– Forza e Coraggio sport complex, Milan, Italy

Project selected for Archmarathon: Borgo Merlassino