Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos

Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos SLP is a Galician architecture company led by Gustavo Díaz García (1952) –ETSAM (1978) – and Lucas Díaz Sierra (1974) –ETSAB (2000)–, with offices in A Coruña and Madrid. The company benefits from an extensive team of architects of different nationalities and has received awards in its various fields of activity: new construction, renovation, urban planning and interior design.
The company carries out a wide variety of projects, including both public and private works, ranging from institutional, administrative and other non-residential buildings (cultural, educational, sports and commercial facilities, to name but a few) to single-family homes and apartment buildings, with special emphasis placed upon tenders.
Various institutions have invited the team to take part in courses, conferences and exhibitions: the A Coruña and Barcelona Superior Schools of Architecture; Camilo José Cela University and University College of Dublin; the Architecture Schools of Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona; the Madrid School of Building Engineers; the Ministry of Education; the UNESCO headquarters in Paris; the Casa de Galicia in Madrid; the San Francisco Institute of Architecture; the Pecha Kucha Night, etc.
Díaz&Díaz Arquitectos combines the experience of an architect, who has worked at his craft for more than 30 years, with the strength of a team of young professionals who demonstrate enthusiasm and a high degree of self-reliance in completing a wide range of highly complex projects. The company’s everyday on-site practice, careful consideration of projects at hand and continuous updating result in a contemporary architectural style that emphasizes values such as environmental integration, sustainability, economy, rationality and constructional precision.

Main projects:
– Maternity and Oncologic Parking, A Coruña, in colaboration with Rafael Ángel Otero Mosquera
– Town hall public Coworking Papagayo, A Coruña
– Interior design of El Parrote parking, A Coruña
– Family house in Canide, Oleiros
– Expansion and refurbishment of school in Sada, A coruña
– Refurbishment of building for restaurant and 3 apartments in A Coruña
– Renovation, partial restructuring, foundation and interior design of the building for the Association of Quantity Surveyors of Madrid (COAATM)
– Restoration and conversion of the old artillery maintenance building into the central hall and main rooms of the rector’s office of the University of A Coruña
– Provincial Palace of A Coruña, headquarters of the Provincial Diputation
– Expansion, refurbishment and renovation of the building for the new courts of Lugo
– Healthcare centre of Esteiro, A Coruña
– Completion of the fourth floor and refurbishment of the basement of the building for the new courts of Lugo

Work in progress:
– Museum and restaurant in Baluarte el Parrote, A Coruña
– Refurbishment of family house in Abegondo, A Coruña
– Restaurant and coffee – concert bar in A Coruña
– Family house in Santa Cruz, A Coruña
– 2 Family houses in VIllalba, Madrid
– Family house in Oleiros, A Coruña
– Family house in As Galeras, Oleiros
– Headquarters offices in Alcalá, Madrid
– Family house in Cerceda, A Coruña

Project selected for Archmarathon: Maternity and Oncologic Parking