DVVD, architectes, ingénieurs, designers

DVVD is a Paris and Tel Aviv based group of architects, urban designers, engineers, designers, builders and thinkers effective within the fi elds of architecture, urbanism, research and development. The offi ce gathers over forty people, currently involved in a large number of projects around the world.
Our work comes out of an analysis of how our continuously progressing and changing contemporary life could infl uence the approach of a site or of a design. In that way, we are looking how to allow unpredicted uses over the expected functions and, how they could evolve.
To deal with today and tomorrow challenges in urban design or architecture, we explore new fi elds by overlapping conventional approaches, taking advantage of our solid know-how, with new concept to better fi t to our future everyday life.
Finally, we create unique, lively and sustainable projects. They reach beyond themselves and become a durable value to the users, the society and the culture they are built into.

Main projects:
– Accorhotels Arena, sports and events Arena, Paris, France
– Footbridge over the river Loing, France
– Bachaumont **** hotel, Paris, France
– D2 tower, Paris-La-Défense (with A.Béchu and T.Sheehan)
– “The leaf” (multimodal center footbridge), Villetaneuse, France
– Bridge of Rigny, France
– Footbridge over the river Marne, Meaux, France
– Müller footbridge over the railways, Ivry-sur-Seine, France
– Aerophare / Aerobar (designed for City Centers, malls, theme parks…), France
– “The propeller” (footbridge), Evry, France

Work in progress:
– Agora Arena renovation, Evry, France
– Refurbishing of the concert hall “salle Pleyel”, Paris, France
– Transformation of the Grand Ecran Italie cinema into a performance hall, Paris, France
– Renovation and extension, mk2 cinema, Paris, France
– Arabic World Institute renovation, Paris, France
– Rolland Garros Central court renovation and mobile roof creation, Roland Garros stadium, Paris, France
– Olympic football stadium, Oran, Algeria
– 110 housing units, Evry, France
– Refurbishing of a Haussmannian building into the « Réaumur hotel”, Paris, France
– ****Meininger hotel with 160 rooms, Paris, France

Project selected for Archmarathon: Footbridge over the périphérique