Eco Bar

Giuseppe Gurrieri

Photos courtesy of Filippo Poli

Eco Bar

Giuseppe GurrieriarchmarathonGiuseppe Gurrieri
via archimede, 278 Ragusa, Italy
Retrofitting and refurbishment
Project selected:
Eco Bar
Ragusa, Italy

The project involves the reuse of the old ticket office of the adjacent multisport facility and its reconversion into a coffee-bistro. The main goal is to recover the building and simultaneously to improve the quality of the surrounding built-up area. The project involves the realization of an outer skin made of low-cost and reused materials (Aquapanel® panels and carpentry wooden slats) that reshapes the building. The openings on the side façades are shielded by the new filter; two large windows, the one on the entrance and the other one aligned on the opposite face, open up a view on the urban landscape. On the north façade, a part of the casing is designed to be eventually overturned creating outdoor tables. The building envelope serves also as a ventilated and shields the technical systems but also creates a perimeter cavity that works as a storage. The internal distribution of the spaces is solved thanks to a wall, enamelled with a green polyurethane resin, that separates the work area from the customers’ area. Beams and pillars are left in fair-faced concrete and the floor is made of industrial concrete screed. The bar counter, as a full block, is made of iron sheets and the furniture recall vintage retro styles.

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