Fondazione Promozione Acciaio


Fondazione Promozione Acciaio is, today in Italy, the strongest authority for promotion and communication about steel construction.
FPA was founded in 2005 in order to communicate the added value that architecture in steel can give, conscious that steel is a fundamental tool serving construction, infrastructure and design.
FPA proposes a strong action of cultural renewal in the construction industry, promoting and enhancing products, design aspects and constructive-technological of steel solutions.
FPA makes available to designers, builders, investors and students, all technical and scientific expertise of its Members and of Technical Committees : Fire, Earthquake, Standards and Sustainability, thanks to a constant communication and training on steel building possibilities.
FPA is also a technical office that provides technical, scientific and regulatory assistance to those who already develops and designs metal structures or even just for those who want to expand their professional knowledge.

Fondazione Promozione Acciaio
Via Vivaio 11
20122 Milano Italy
Tel +39 02 86313020