Footbridge over the périphérique

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DVVD, architectes, ingénieurs, designers

Photos courtesy of Luc Boegly, Yam, Nathalie Prébende

Footbridge over the périphérique

DVVD, architectes, ingénieurs, designersarchmarathonDVVD, architectes, ingénieurs, designers
12, rue des Frigos 75013 Paris, France
Urban Design & Public Spaces
Project selected:
Footbridge over the périphérique
Paris, France

Our footbridge, linking Paris to its outskirts, becomes one of the symbol of the Greater Paris. We designed it as a thin recognizable line overfl ying this main European ring road. It binds the streets on each side in a smooth movement to create continuity, sequence the views and liven up the crossing by the variety of experiences. They are coming out of simple ideas. Slightly bending the shape to follow the surrounding voids; twisting the balustrades of the project; and “landing” on a new Linear Forest. It is possible to walk, ride fast, or to roam by contemplating the bustle of the city from this unique urban balcony.
Wood has been chosen for its ability to create facets of warmth, switching this almost unlimited site to human scale. Wooden strips offer a protective space, blurring slanting sights to, at least symbolically, protect the users who are obviously beset by noise and speed. They allow views on the Linear Forest, on the City and participating to the lightness by offering transparency.
The steel structure has been optimized in a resourceful attitude, to reduce its environmental impact and, regarding to the site conditions. We succeeded in a construction process that restricted traffi c disruption to one night. It has infl uenced both design and structural choices, while keeping a taut line that gives our project its strength, elegance and poetry.

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