Hotel Minho

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Photo courtesy of Nelson Garrido and Eva Sousa

Hotel Minho

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Rua de Ceuta 83, 6º, 4050-191 Porto, Portugal
Hotel & Leisure
Project selected:
Hotel Minho
Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

Hotel Minho renewal and extension starts from a building constructed in 2006, renovated in 2014 with new public areas and spa. The extension was designed to maintain the existing building’s architecture, introducing a more effective image to the hotel. The solution was intended to be very simple and in some spaces, highly introverted, retaining the existing structures and introducing the new areas in the floors below the main entrance. The green roof and the continuity of the existing exterior white walls are intended to decrease to the highest level the visual impact of the new constructions.
Pursuing a stronger relation with the site, local materials, constructive traditions and vernacular icons, the new extension used locally sourced chestnut wood as one of the main features. This material, abundant in the surroundings, is used as the retainer of the new programs, being responsible for creating the limits of the new spaces. These wood boxes are the new element of organization, creating the layout, the mood and the tone for the interior and exterior design, stating a strong continuity between every single floor. In the top of the main spa building, one can see the special suites volume as an “espigueiro” – the traditional grain store – a strong and direct reference to local vernacular architecture, here contemporarily shaped into the new hotel design and layout.
The project was developed to the smallest detail, integrating interior and exterior space, using efficiently the natural light, the visual philter of the inner patios and the design of several decoration items that might range from furniture, lighting or even the hotel sign system.

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