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Private housing
Project selected:
Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, korea

The client, who built Moheon in Daegu, launched a plan to transform 992,000m2 of mountainous land in Gunwi into a natural botanical park. For a long time, the client had been transplanting and cultivating trees and observing the changes in the area. The client wanted the entire botanical garden as a space of introspection. He also wanted a small residence within the park.
The house is located in the heart of the park where only the mountains and the sky are visible. In the thick fir tree forest, five small man-made ponds were created as a prelude along the road leading to the house. Passing the ponds, you encounter a long, straight, Corten steel structure. Above it, lies a hill, and below, a valley. If you open the door, having no idea of what will happen at all, you will find nature’s landscape spread out in magnificent fashion. The building connects the ground to the sky, but here, the ground disappears. There is only you, nature, and silence. Facing west, the sun sets over the reservoir in front. You come out of the house, climb the hill, and sit on the cold Corten steel chair on the silver grass. You become a part of nature. It is a time of complete solitude, a time for thought. That is why the house is named Hyunam, a humble black house.

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