John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere

Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin are colleagues at The University of Hong Kong. They have collaborated on a series of timber structures which have been built with students as post-earthquake revitalization projects in Yunnan Province, China. The three projects: The Pinch, The Sweep and The Warp have explored the intersection of wood construction techniques and participatory processes in a highly contextural approach.
Olivier Ottevaere is an architect whose interest in Architecture is driven by a hybrid approach between physical experiments and geometrical organizations. Integration of active structural principles, properties of materials and procedures of construction prompt the design pursue at the onset of each of his projects. Previously, he practiced in New York, Lisbon and London until founding Double (o) studio in 2012. ‘House me tender’, his current precast research work, received the Best Residential future award 2015 from the Architectural Review/MIPIM. He was also recently awarded the Perspective 40 under 40 Asia-Pacific design awards in Architecture.
John Lin is a director of Rural Urban Framework (RUF), a non-profit research and design organization dedicated to developing sustainable prototypes for rapidly urbanizing areas. His approach combines research into the large scale processes of urbanization and integration of local construction practices with contemporary technology. The “House For All Seasons”, a rural house prototype built in Shaanxi Province, China is the overall winner of the Architectural Review’s House Award in 2012, the WA Chinese Architecture Award 2012 and the Wienerberger Brick Award 2014.

Main projects John Lin:
– Jintai Village Reconstruction Project, Sichuan Province, China
– Research on collective forms of rural housing

Work in progress Olivier Ottevaere:
– Family House in Aroeira, Portugal
– Research and development of novel formwork designs for concrete casting

Project selected for Archmarathon: The Pinch: library and community center