Kleine Rittergasse 11

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Franken Architekten

Photos courtesy of Eibe Sönnecken, Oliver Tamagnini, Axel Stephan, Marcus Hintzen,

Kleine Rittergasse 11

Franken ArchitektenarchmarathonFranken Architekten
Niddastraße 84, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Mixed Tenure Housing & Buildings
Project selected:
Kleine Rittergasse 11
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Located amongst the Gavi vineyards, right in the heart of the La Raia farm, lies Borgo Merlassino.
A rural resort combining traditional agricultural activity with new accommodation facilities: La Raia B&B, the La Raia Foundation headquarters, warehouses, laboratories for the Waldorf school and a reading hall. The genesis of the refurbishment and transformation of the former hamlet starts from the pre-existing structures.
It was promptly decided that, rather than the actual buildings, it was the character and quality of the relevant spaces between the structures that needed ample renovation.
The design statement envisaged contamination and contradiction as a strong structuring identity of the Site. The use of rammed-earth walls, the choice of traditional colours of buildings in Liguria and the reinterpretation of traditional building techniques have jointly attributed a new character to the hamlet. The senses of time, the scale, as well as the balance between old and new were the real motif of the design.

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