Labics is an office of architecture and urban planning founded in Rome in 2002 by Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori. Combining the theoretical approach with applied research, the field of interest of the office extends from interior design to the scale of urban masterplans, going through the different scales and complexities of the project. The name of the practice – Labics – expresses the concept of a laboratory, a testing ground for advanced ideas. Theoretical research and its practical applications form an integral and important part of the practice’s work.
The research conducted at Labics is geared towards an architecture open, relational and structured, capable of guiding the transformation of a context and of a territory, experiencing different relation with the context and defining new social and urban geographies.
Labics has won several national and international competitions, among which we must remember the MAST in Bologna (2006) and “Città del Sole” in Rome (2007). Among the urban projects has to be mentioned the New Urban Center of Torrespaccata in Rome, currently under development. Since 2003 to 2014 the practice has been responsible for the general concept, interior design and architecture of Obikà, an international chain of bars and restaurants specialising in Italian food located in Milan, Rome, London, Florence, New- York, Tokyo, and Kuwait City.
Labics has been invited to exhibit in different exhibitions among which it has to be mentioned the 11°, 12° and 14° Architecture Biennale in Venezia. Most of the projects have been published in national and international magazines.

Main projects:
– Città del Sole, Rome, Italy – 2015
– Restaurant Mamma Mia, Rome, Italy – 2015
– Credito di Romagna, Rome, Italy – 2015
– Obikà Broadway, New York – 2014
– Multifunctional building G.D, Bologna, Italy – 2013
– Obikà South Kensington, London, UK – 2012
– Fontana square in Quinto de Stampi, Rozzano, Milan, Italy – 2011
– Walkway at Trajan’s Forum, Rome, Italy – 2004
– Canyon House, Rome, Italy – 2004
– Italpromo & Libardi associati headquarters, Rome, Italy – 2004
– Roman Tabernae at the Trajan’s Forum, Rome, Italy – 2003
– Podere 43, Albinia, Grosseto, Italy – 2002

Work in progress:
– Masterplan Wuhu, Anhui, China
– Scalo San Lorenzo, Rome, Italy
– Housing masterplan Le Serre, Tirane, Albania
– Torrespaccata Masterplan, Rome, Italy
– Maggiore General Hospital in Milan, Milan, Italy
– Temporary Pavillion, Milan, Italy
– Olive oil Mill, Seggiano, Italy
– Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital, San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

Project selected for Archmarathon: Città del Sole