Les Docks

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Photo courtesy of Luc Boegly

Les Docks

via interiano 3/11, Genoa, Italy
Retrofitting and refurbishment
Project selected:
Les Docks
Marsiglia, France

The Docks are historically located on the axis between the sea and the city of Marseilles; this strong and distinct cut of the territory lets us transform this building into a dialog place. Our concept aimed to rebuild the link between the city and the sea. The Docks became a permeable, porous place; they create a landscape between city and nature.
Thus we recreate a place in continuity with the longitudinal axis accross the buildings located at the Docks end that respectivally give onto two squares: an historical one “Place de la Joliette” and another on the point of emerging, “Place de la Méditerranée”. The project becomes a real space of exchanges and interactions between two Marseilles parts.
We also reinterpreted the spaces organisation that communicate together, with the city and the sea and created a new place of sociability strongly marked by the theme of the Mediterranean territory.
The proposal includes an intervention on the Docks base in order to move from a closed system to an opened one, articulated with penetrations, transparencies and creates a place continuing to the sea.
The project redefines the four courtyards destined to be commercial, artistic and cultural that, from inside, extend towards the two exterior places and the two adjacent streets. We create four breaks inside a transverse route.

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