Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge

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Photos courtesy of Ossip van Duivenbode

Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge

Schieblock, Schiekade 189, unit 303 3013 BR Rotterdam, Netherlands
Project selected:
Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Winner of Transport category

Jury motivation: Questo progetto usa le infrastrutture come un mezzo per attivare spazi pubblici per la riqualificazione dell’intera comunità.

The Luchtsingel threads estranged parts of the city of Rotterdam back together. The financing of this bridge was initiated through the Rotterdam City Initiative and partially through crowdfunding. In return, crowd funders had their names or maxims engraved on the bridge’s wooden planks. Consequently, the bridge has around 10,000 co-owners.
The design is a long wooden bridge, which swings from a car park behind the Schieblock building towards the neighborhoods of Pompenburg, Hofbogen, and Delftse Poort. This creates a major route: about 1.5km, of which 350m is the wooden bridge. The largest part of the route runs at five to eight meters above ground level. The Luchtsingel’s deck is painted yellow – the color of the temporality. Different width staircases descend to specific ground-level areas, such as a playground, a bus stop, and a public building’s entrance. It is more than a structure; it is a new urban infrastructure.
From the car park, a wide staircase rises, as if from a ballroom, to a 3.5-meter high walking deck. On one side, widened sections provide seating. The deck opens onto the 1960s Schieblock building and runs right through it. The Luchtsingel then crosses over the Schiekade’s six lanes of traffic and a two tram routes.

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