Pietro Carlo Pellegrini

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini is scientific director of the Post-Graduate Master for the Design of Public Space based in Lucca. He has been a professor at the architecture faculties of Genoa and Ferrara and he has held some workshops at the faculties of architecture of Delft, Naples and Venice.
His projects were exhibited at the 8th, 9th , 12th and 14th editions of the Biennale of Venice and in 2013 at the Oslo Architecture Triennale.
He has been awarded several prizes, including the Andil Prize Opera Prima 1992, the Dedalo Prize 1999, a Honorable Mention for Productive Activities and Public Facilities – Gold Medal for Italian Architecture – Triennale of Milan in 2003 and 2015, the International Ecola Award 2006, the Prize Ait Award 2012 – Selection Living Interior and he was finalist at Piranesi Award 2015.
He has designed and built several public spaces and private houses, including: the Museum of the Cathedral, the Wall of Memory in the Cloister and the Home for the Pilgrims inside the Monastery of S. Gemma, the National Comics and Illustration Museum and the Technological Pole in Lucca, the Lazzareschi Foundation in Porcari, the Historical Museum of the Resistance in S. Anna di Stazzema, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial in Caprera.
His works have been featured in books and magazines in Italy and abroad.

Main projects:
– Expansion of primary school in Via Verdi, Casalbuttano ed Uniti, Italy – 2014 -2016
– Giuseppe Garibaldi Museum, La Maddalena, Italy – 2011-2012
– Historical Resistance Museu, S.Anna di Stazzema, Lucca, Italy – 2005 – 2007
– Restoration of Palazzo de’ Nobili, Lucca, Italy – 2002 – 2007
– Progress residential complex, Lucca, Italy – 2002 – 2005
– Pilgrims’ Guesthouse, St. Gemma’s Monastery, Lucca, Italy 2003-2005
– National Comics and Image Museum, Lucca, Italy – 2003 – 2005
– New cloister, St. Gemma’s Monastery – Memory Wall, St. Gemma’s Monastery, Lucca, Italy – 1993-1997 e 2005
– Giuseppe Lazzereschi Centre, Porcari, Lucca, Italy – 2002 – 2003
– The Twins residential buildings – Blue residential building, Lucca, Italy – 1996 – 2000 e 2001-2002
– Museum of the Cathedral, Lucca, Italy – 1987 – 1992

Work in progress:
– Paper Museum “Le Carte”, Pietrabuona, Pescia, Pistoia, Italy
– Innocent museum MUDI, Firenze, Italy
– Rehabilitation of the piazza del Mercato area and Rehabilitation of Franchi area, Bastia Umbra, Perugia, Italy
– Restoration of S. Domenico’s historical complex, Lucca, Italy
– Masterplan of an area in Massarosa and Viareggio “Valleverde Viareggio s.r.l.”, Massarosa, Viareggio, Italy
– Preliminary masterplan for the development of “Ex Furnace Montecchi”, Rignano sull’Arno

Project selected for Archmarathon: Recovery of an area called “Ex Furnace” for the realization of a secondary school, a theatre and an office bulding