RAS Arquitectos

The RAS Arquitectos studio is a collective of professionals from different fields of architecture and the environment with the aim of providing an open and complete look at the project of the city, the landscape, public space, its architecture, its problems and their potential. But we believe that this is not enough. It is only the indispensable.

The studio was founded in 2006 as a research site for Spanish projects coming up and meeting point for professionals in the area. It originates from the collaboration of several founders, Prócoro Del Real Baeza and AntoniBaile Jiménez, licensed by the Polytechnic School of Architecture in Alicante in 2008 and Masters in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in 2012. Architects working together with other professionals in architecture since 2001.
In 2010, the study incorporated as an intergenerational fusion an architect, a technical architect and a decorator working together since 1980 in the field of architecture, providing the young studio with the experience and strength to implement any project.

The name “RAS” stands for Real Architecture Solutions, by reference to the nature of interactive response from the practice of architecture. Within the world of RAS the studio insists on forms of intelligent building technology, by inventing new solutions for everyday use of the spaces and places created for us.

Main projects:
– Santa Pola – Gran Alacant bike routes, Santa Pola – 2012-2015
– Alternativas de Habitar exhibition, Elche – 2013
– La Perla Kiosk, Elche – 2012-2013
– Twisted Valley, Elche (with GrupoAranea) – 2009-2013
– Araguaney Restaurant, Madrid – 2011
– Alzheimer Day Centre, Elche – 2008-2011
– BCA Business Center, Almoradí – 2008-2010
– CantaloraHouse, Elche – 2009
– Silo Offices, Elche – 2000-2002
– Skate park, Elche – 1998-1999

Work in progress:
– Paragliding runway, Santa Pola – 2015
– Pena Veiras House, Alicante – 2013
– Villamartín House, Torrevieja – 2012

Project selected for Archmarathon: Santa Pola – Gran Alacant Bike Routes