Santa Pola – Gran Alacant Bike Routes

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Santa Pola – Gran Alacant Bike Routes

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Project selected:
Santa Pola – Gran Alacant Bike Routes
Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain

Management plan of uses, routes and activation of Santa Pola’s Mountain.

The Sierra of Santa Pola is a landscape of high ecological and geological value of the Spanish White Coast. Because of that, instead of a conventional bike lane with one strip of concrete, a network of routes was raised that linked the two towns in the area, the center of Santa Pola and the Gran Alacant housing development, strengthening gradually and through small interventions this large soft-infrastructure.
By having a tight budget, the interventions consisted in repairing elements, installing furniture and signage, conditioning the environment watchtowers, tanks and military installations of the Spanish Civil War, which serve as points of orientation tours, and restored will be a visited network of high value. Moreover are added new elements of access to the mountain and observation areas as the viewpoint of Faro, which uses the topography to generate a visible but subtle element, and point from to observe the landscape.
The bike lane is projected from these specific interventions that are defining the overall infrastructure of roads and trails as a constantly changing organism, unfinished and open to new interventions to consolidate the new uses and revalue the elements of its landscape.

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