Seashore Library

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Vector Architects

Photos courtesy of Su Shengliang, Xia Zhi, He Bin, Hal Chen

Seashore Library

Vector ArchitectsarchmarathonVector Architects
Rm 208, Bldg 22, 4 North Gongrentiyuchang Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100027
Arts & Culture
Project selected:
Seashore Library
Beidaihe New District, China
Overall Winner

About three hours drive from Beijing, the library is located inside a vacation compound along Bohai Bay. While Beijing has been experiencing massive growth in economy and city development, many have pointed out the issue of a drop in living environment. The vacation compound aims to create a quality-living area closer to nature. There are a series of cultural and leisure facilities within the compound, and Seashore Library is one of them.
The design key point is focused on exploring the co-existing relationship of the space boundary, the movement of the human body, the shifting light ambience, the air ventilating through and the ocean view. The library faces the ocean to its east. During seasons of spring, summer and fall, it not only serves the community residents at west, but opens to the public as well.
The design began with section. The library houses a reading area, a meditation space, activity room, a drinking bar and a resting area. According to each space, we establish a distinctive relationship between space and the ocean; define how light and wind enters into each room.
If we slice through the building along the north-south long axis, we can see how each space elaborates itself with ocean distinctively. And the movement and memory of human body together choreographs a series of experience.

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