AWP (Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud, Alessandra Cianchetta)
AWP (Alessandra Cianchetta, Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud) is an office for territorial reconfiguration and a, award-winning practice that works across scales and genres – from the 160 ha strategic masterplan for the Paris CBD to pavilions, landscapes, interiors, exhibitions and publications. Current works include a 85,000 square-metre housing and mixed-use sector project in Lausanne, a 70,000 square-metre public space adjoining the Grande Arche de la Défense, Poissy Galore, a sequence of public buildings and follies in a park by the Seine and an exhibition in collaboration with the Louvre. AWP’s work is regularly presented at venues worldwide such as Maxxi, Cité de l’Architecture, MoMA, the Storefront for Architecture and has been featured in NY Times, Le Monde, Wallpaper and PIN UP magazine.

HHF (Tilo Herlach, Simon Hartmann and Simon Frommenwiler)
HHF Architects was founded in 2003 by Tilo Herlach, Simon Hartmann and Simon Frommenwiler. Since then, HHF Architects have realized numerous projects in Switzerland, Germany, China, France, Mexico and the USA. The scope of work ranges from urbanism and large-scale construction to public pavilions and interior design.
From the beginning HHF was looking for collaborations with other architects and artists to widen its view and enrich the quality of specific proposals. In this context, worldwide perceived group projects such as Ruta del Peregrino and the fruitful collaboration with the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei emerged. In addition to building, teaching is an important activity of the office.

Main projects AWP:
– Poissy Galore, Carrières sous Poissy, France – 2015
– Paris showroom for fashion designer Rick Owens, Paris, France – 2014
– Geneve Villes et Champs, Geneva, Switzerland – 2014
– Paris La Nuit, Paris, France – 2013
– Nanterre’s paper factories scoping study, Nanterre, France – 2013
– Private renovation of a 1930’s apartment, Paris, France – 2013
– Evry Water Treatment Plant: 3 completed new buildings, 6000 square metres, Communauté d’agglomération d’Evry, Evry, France – 2012
– Ile de la Jatte 1, Neuilly, France – 2012
– Ile de la Jatte 2 Playtime, Neuilly, France – 2012
– St-Etienne Jacquard Square urban lounge, St-Etienne, France – 2012
– LAM: Sculpture Park for Lille Métropole Modern, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Lille, France – 2010
– AIA Offices, Paris, France – 2010

Work in progress AWP:
– L’Orée de Crissier MEP, Lausanne, Switzerland
– Masterplan for the public spaces of La Défense, Paris, France
– Jardin de l’Arche, Paris, France
– House for a designer, Montreuil, France
– Strategic vision and project to renew a series of underground parkings in Paris CBD La Défense, VINCI, Paris, France
– Urban and territorial Masterplan for all the public spaces, Nanterre (Paris), France
– Urban and territorial Masterplan, La Réunion, Indian Ocean
– Cycle-hub building, Landmark, Café, Canopy and regeneration of public realm, Malmo Quay, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK
– L’Orée de Crissier River Park, Commune de Crissier, Lausanne, Switzerland
– Urban Mutations exhibition design, Cité des Sciences, Paris, France

Main projects HHF:
– Labels 2, fashion center, Berlin, Germany
– Artfarm, gallery and art storage, Salt Point, New York, USA
– Ruta del Pelegrino, lookout point, State of Jalisco, Mexico
– Lichtstrasse, mixed-use housing and restaurant, Basel, Switzerland

Work in progress HHF:
– Mall of Ku’damm, facades, roof-garden and courtyard, Berlin, Germany
– Weggishof, mixed-use housing, Weggis, Switzerland
– Dom Revolucije, adaptation and reconstruction of the never finished brutalist structure by Marko Mušič, Nikšić, Montenegro
– Landskronhof, mixed-use housing, Basel, Switzerland

Project selected for Archmarathon: Poissy Galore

Poissy Galore


Photos courtesy of Julien Lanoo

Poissy Galore

AWP: 25 rue Henry Monnier 75009 Paris, France
HHF: Allschwilerstrasse 71 A CH-4055 Basel, Switzerland
Arts & Culture
Project selected:
Poissy Galore
Carrières sous Poissy, France

The project is part of a future 113 ha large public green space along the Seine river, in Carrières-Sous-Poissy, at the end station of the RER line A and close to the renown Villa Savoye from Le Corbusier. The Park will be a public park and ecological showcase for local residents and a leisure destination for people living in and around Paris.
The competition brief included the construction of a visitor’s center, of a restaurant (“guinguette”), of an observatory and smaller infrastructure “follies” with different uses.
Similar to the wooden preschool toys in form of building blocks, this collection of pavilions and ‘follies’ is based on a modular wood system, combining different sizes and angled timber frames.
The site is exceptional, for its location along the Seine river and for its “in-between”, dual nature (land/water, city/sprawl, wilderness/domesticated nature). Barges, fishing huts and houseboats, which have been so far inhabiting the site have been a powerful source of inspiration. The other site boundary is characterized by suburban nondescript housing pavilions. The design springs from an hybridization between these two existing habitat models: the floating barge and the archetypical suburban house resulting in a new typology emerging in the park and dealing with the site’s identity both spatially and socially, whilst providing a contemporary and forward-looking response.

Project credits:

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