Urko Sánchez Architects

Selected by a renowned architectural publication as one of the seven pioneers of African architectural awakening and winner of relevant prizes, among which stands “Best Young Architect in Africa 2014”, Urko Sanchez Architects is a firm with 15 years experience in Africa dedicated to do tailor made designs.
Urko Sánchez Architects is deeply committed to environmental stewardship, and their projects include contemporary twists on traditional architecture. For each assignment, the firm considers the cultural roots of the structure, and how the building will be best integrated into its environment.
Featuring a well-honed multicultural team with both local and international track records, Urko Sanchez Architects has
designed and constructed many successful projects along Africa

Our Vision
Local materials. Natural light. Open courtyards. Private gardens. Wind and solar power. Recycled water. Green aesthetic. Ancient tradition meets a contemporary twist.

Our Mission
Creating innovative projects that transform plots into vibrant residential or commercial communities. Projects that inspire, excite and serve a purpose. Projects that are high quality, diverse and aesthetically pleasing to a discerning user.

Our Values
We value clients and users trust, as well as unparalleled quality in the expression and execution of their ideas. The team is also seriously committed to environmental stewardship. We have a strong personal sense about the environmental impact of what we are doing.

Main projects:
– Lamu Apartments, Lamu, Kenya – 2014
– SOS Children´s Village, Tadjourah, Djibouti – 2014
– Milele House, Lamu, Kenya – 2011
– Vipingo Ridge Villas, Mombasa, Kenya – 2010
– Vipingo Club House, Mombasa, Kenya – 2009
– Anidan Pediatric Clinic, Lamu, Kenya – 2008
– Anidan Shelter House, Lamu, Kenya – 2007
– Umma Houser, Lamu, Kenya – 2006
– Lamu House Hotel, Lamu, Kenya – 2005

Work in progress:
– Swahili Gem: 14 Apartments in Tudor – Mombasa, Kenya
– Kuruwitu Villas and apartments: 2 Villas and 6 apartments in Kuruwitu, Kilifi, Kenya
– Hotel in Nanyuki: 50 Rooms Hotel in Nanyuki, Kenya
– Residential development in Malindi: Master Plan

Project selected for Archmarathon: SOS Children’s Village