Vector Architects

Vector Architects was founded in 2008 in Beijing. We believe that design needs to confront problems. Instead of enforcing the architect’s ego or making superficial forms, the architect has to respect the existing environment with logic and reasons. The contemporary Chinese design industry features the rapid production and the pursuit of tall and fancy-formed landmarks. Architects no longer devote their efforts in the fundamental and substantial truth of architecture. Therefore, the persistence of confronting problems is crucial in this environment.

Focus in design:

Programmatic interrelationship:
Every architectural program contains a unique interrelationship among functional units. We are devoted to discovering the programmatic interrelationship of each project, and reveal it in spatial structure.

Spirit of site:
Each site has a unique spirit of the place. Space is a medium that encourages people to perceive such spirit.

We believe that architecture is the power of being able to balance such a trend, to pull us back into tranquility, to allow us to be sensitive to the beauty of nature, and to be assertive of our own existence within the physical world.

In architecture, all elements support each other and compose the system as a whole, like an organism. This logic is expressed in every detail that carries the rationality of the construction, and presents the system of architecture.

Main projects:
– Seashore Library, Beidaihe New District
– Seashore Chapel, Beidaihe New District
– Taoyuanju Community Center, Chongqing
– Eco-farm Series: Harvest Pavilion, Kunshan
– Eco-farm Series: Visitor Center, Kunshan
– Vanke Exhibition Center, Bayuquan
– Momentary City – CR Land Hefei Dongdajie Sales Pavilion, Hefei
– Zhangjiawo Elementary School, Tianjin
– CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom, Beijing

Work in progress:
– Hybrid Courtyard Living, Beijing
– ALILA Yangshuo Hotel, Yangshuo
– Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum/Dome Theater, Suzhou
– Pingshan Culture Center, Shenzhen

Project selected for Archmarathon: Seashore Library