Vírgula i

Vírgula i is a young and dynamic architecture studio based in Porto and Madrid, formed by a multifaceted team with strong international experience in the fields of project, construction, teaching and architectural research.
The studio has worked since its establishment in different scales and architecture briefs, having been consistently published on national and international magazines and online publications. Completed works and competitions won range from exhibition design, hotel architecture and housing rehabilitation.
The strong connection to the site and its profound understanding, the thoughtful use of contemporary architecture solutions, the continuous study of our architectonic heritage, the sustainability of the buildings and of our client’s investments, are perceived as some of the important themes carried out in our projects.

Main projects:
– Amadora BD – three editions of Amadora’s International Cartoon Festival, Amadora – Portugal – 2013-2014-2015
– Hotel Minho renewal and extension, Vila Nova de Cerveira – Portugal – 2010-2014
– Nespereira House, Sever do Vouga – Portugal – 2004-2006

Work in progress:
– Cedofeita 197, Multifamily housing project | under construction
– Anka and Sasha House, Single family house | ongoing project
– Camões House, Single family house | ongoing project
– Passeio Alegre apartment, Interior design renovation | ongoing project
– 27th Amadora BD, Exhibition design | ongoing project
– Casa na Praia Hotel, Hotel renewal | ongoing project

Project selected for Archmarathon: Hotel Minho