Arts & Culture and Private Housing – interior design: here are the candidates


We are delighted to present the candidates in the Arts & Culture and Private Housing – interior design categories who will take part in the 2017 edition of the ARCHMARATHON Selections@MADE EXPO.
The studios selected by the ARCHMARATHON international jury are respectively: Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra, DGT Architects, Edge Design and Archiplanstudio.

Caixa Forum – Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra


The design consists of a series of interventions carried out on an existing building.
The layout of the exhibition halls and the auditorium is dictated by the only spaces that on account of their size have permitted such a positioning. These spaces come to life at a subterranean level, a fact that has conditioned the means by which the building is accessed.
The significance and visibility demanded by the Caixaforum-Seville within this complex has resulted in a number of operations: the main access is placed under a new cover that envelopes both the entrance and the skylight, a natural light source necessary for the lower levels, thus creating a covered plaza located between rows of trees which at the same time is open to the flow of people who will pass through the ensemble of the buildings.

Estonian National Museum – DGT Architects


Instead of locating the building on the proposed site, DGT chose to reclaim a nearby former
Soviet military base. The studio strongly believes in the fact that the new museum should play
an essential role in the regeneration of the area and in order to do so started by developing this setting which is both unique yet loaded with meanings. Through sensitive implementation, the National Museum becomes a continuum of the airfield, inviting the visitor to enter the landscape and heart of the museum.
DGT has created an open space for public activities – exhibitions, performances, educational activities – a place of interaction which is intended to bring people together in order to celebrate a rich and sometimes even painful historical heritage.

15 m2 apartment – Edge Design


It took almost 30 years for architect Gary Chang – the firm’s founder – to finish his apartment which is suitable for Hong Kong. The project is based on an open plan apartment which offers the possibility of being transformed into 24 different layouts. The walls move on tracks in such a way that they can reveal all the interior spaces: a large kitchen, a guest room, a library, laundry facilities, and even a wellness centre.

Appartamento RJ a Mantova – Archiplanstudio


The project provides for the refurbishing of an entire 16th century building making up part of Mantua’s urban fabric and of which the apartment in question constitutes a portion.
The house is characterized by decorations on the ceilings and some walls dating back to the 16th century and the first half of the 19th. The distribution of spaces is maintained in its original format while the subdivision of the internal spaces is carried out through the introduction of furnishing elements that in part reconfigure the original structure.

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