Bars & Restaurants / Landscape Design & Open Space categories: find out the new projects


Today we present the names of the projects in the Bars & Restaurants and Landscape Design and Open Space categories selected to take part in the 2017 ARCHMARATHON Selections@MADE EXPO. The international jury of Luca Molinari, Francisco Mangado and Vincenzo Latina chose the following studios: Lissoni Associati, Lpoffice, B + ABR and Luis Machuca & Asociados.

La Mantia’s Restaurant – Lissoni Associati


Filippo La Mantia’s Restaurant is a modern space that harks back to Sicilian tradition. The architect and friend Piero Lissoni has harmoniously combined the Palermo cook’s passions for music, photography and motorcycles.
The space covers 1,800 square metres divided into two levels and enhanced by a multi-ethnic atmosphere with a Mediterranean flavour. Valuable porcelains, historical design icons and musical instruments all rubs shoulders inside the restaurant: La Mantia wants to be a place that can make anyone feel at home.

Mohammad Kebab branch in foodcourt – Lpoffice


The Mohammad Kebab restaurant is located in the Dorche district near the city of Isfahan. The space was designed within the food court of “City Center” as part of a modern shopping mall while still keeping its original spirit as a kebab restaurant. The project covers two parts of the kitchen and a section dedicated to orders. Bearing the limitations of the structure in mind, the studio maintained the originality of Mohammad Kebab’s identity by creating harmonic and dynamic spaces distinguished by immaculate spherical arches that give light and elegance to the design.

Re-opening the historic centre of Rio de Janeiro – B+ABR


In a unique historical setting, the city of Rio de Janeiro is making numerous efforts to revitalize and offer new scenarios in a strategic area located between the city centre and the port. The reopening of the historic centre of Rio de Janeiro is a large scale operation which not only aims to solve the inherent problems caused by degradation but which is also intended to be a pretext for creating a new reference point both for the city and the rest of the metropolis. Maua Square is a cultural agorà that is becoming a new focal point not only for the neighbouring districts but also for those who want to rediscover the centre of Rio de Janeiro while at the same time aiming to redevelop the relationship between the old city and Guanabara Bay.

Refurbishment of the Caminito del Rey – Luis Machuca & Asociados


Renovation of the Caminito del Rey required the combination of an environmental project, a development and spatial planning project and technical creation of the design regarding the construction of the walkways, the control booths and the visitors reception centre. The area is located between Ardales, Antequera and Alora, three towns located in the heart of the province of Malaga. El Caminito del Rey is a narrow walkway that was built in the early twentieth century.
Preservation of the old infrastructure was maintained by the Studio as an example of industrial and archeological heritage and the construction system for the new walkway demonstrates both respect for the environment and this outstanding location.

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