Education Buildings and Private Housing (Architecture): here are the 4 studios


Here are the names of the 4 projects that have been selected to take part in the 2017 ARCHMARATHON Selections@MADE expo in the Education Buildings and Private Housing (Architecture) categories. The studios present at the Milan Rho Fiera Milano from 8th to 11th March will be: Blakstad Haffner studio, Modus Design, José Luis Muñoz and Fake Industry Architectural Agonism.

Memorial and learning centre Utøya – Blakstad Haffner studio


In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Utøya on 22nd July 2011, it was decided to reconstruct a political camp on the island closely linked to the Worker’s Youth League. The ambition was to reflect and reinforce values such as commitment, solidarity, diversity and democracy through form and function. The studio has created a building intended to honour the area that was directly affected during the massacre. 69 wooden pillars support the roof of the building and recall those who died while around these columns there are 495 poles representing the people who survived the tragedy and who still carry the memory of that day.

Sant’Andrea primary school – Modus Design


The project developed in Sant’Andrea, Bolzano includes a primary school, a kindergarten and multipurpose rooms. The new building provides both the necessary programmes for both levels of education and a new social centre connected to the multipurpose gymnasium. The desire to make the schools also function as community centres in which community relations and personal aspirations can be established and strengthened has been made possible thanks to the new configuration of the exterior and interior spaces open to the public.

La casa de los vientos – José Luis Muñoz


The Casa de Los Vientos represents the perfect balance between the geographical conditions of the location, the desires of the users and the flexibility of the design imposed by circumstances, namely the need to reduce the price of the project to €600 per sq. m. together with its surface area. The new building responds to the needs of customers to create a holiday home that will ensure the necessary space for leisure and that is comfortable and convenient. The special feature of the structure is its shape, which has been created by the direction of prevailing winds in the area, hence the name of the project.

OE House – Fake Industry Architectural Agonism + aixopluc


The OE House is the answer to the clients’demand for a double house so they can move from one half to the other depending on their mood. Not liking to spend their holidays travelling, they simply prefer to move downstairs, literally. The design provides two well-known domestic environments: the lower floor is an open structure designed for the hedonistic pleasure of summer, while above is a reference to Le Corbusier’s Maisons Jaoul, suitable for the windy months that are typical of the Sierra de la Mussara.

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