The Event

ARCHMARATHON 2020 is an event dedicated to the world of design that focuses attention on architecture and interior design in North, Central, South America and Caribbean.

In 2019 the objective is to identify a selection of 50 works in this geographic region that make people think about the most important relationship in architecture and interior design: that between design and human beings.

Before being a client, a user or broker, human beings are individuals who use, enjoy and experience the end result of the design and construction process, whether it be aimed at giving shape to a chair, an apartment, a building or a city.

Moore Building
191 NE 40th St, Miami, FL

from 27 to 29 February 2020

The international contest focusing on contemporary architecture in the Americas

50 design studios from North, Central, South America and Caribbean will be selected by an international jury on the basis of the excellence of their projects subdivided into macro-categories, through a complex selection process that began in February 2020.

B2B Meetings

B2B meetings are planned throughout the event along with networking activity sessions for the participating sponsor companies.

Main Jury

The 2019 Miami ARCHMARATHON jury that will select the 50 finalists will include:
Luca Molinari

Luca Molinari

Honorary President of the ARCHMARATHON Jury
Antonio Asquino

Antonio Asquino

Managing Director of GPA Partners and Co Founder of GPA Works.
Claudio Silvestrin

Claudio Silvestrin

Founder of Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Elena Manferdini

Elena Manferdini

Graduate Programs Chair at the Southern California Institute of Architecture



Architecture as a human being!

The international contest focusing on contemporary architecture in the Americas.