Marcegaglia, a leader in steel processing for verticalized products and a significant building industry partner is among the many companies that believe in and support ARCHMARATHON. We met the Marcegaglia Buildtech President Fabrizio Prete and asked him to share some previewed information with us regarding their participation at MADE EXPO 2017.

“At the MADE EXPO platform this year Marcegaglia is presenting pre-painted products, road barriers and a wide range of insulated panels produced at Pozzolo Formigaro, the most important panel production site in Italy.
We will also be present at MADE EXPO and ARCHMARATHON with the entire range of production chain steels together with structural raw materials in order to raise awareness of the tremendous potential of structural tubes as a creative element in the building sector.”

“It’s a great opportunity for extending our contacts and we have chosen to take an active part in it, including sponsorship of ARCHMARATHON in order to strengthen relationships with designers, contractors and retailers and to increase their awareness while strengthening our brand’s position in the market.”

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