Religious Buildings: here are the proposed projects for the 2017 ARCHMARATHON SELECTIONS@MADE EXPO


Here are the names of 2 among the 28 studios, selected by Luca Molinari, Francisco Mangado and Vincenzo Latina, that will take part in the 2017 ARCHMARATHON Selections@MADE EXPO.
Their projects have been included in the Religious Buildings category and the studios are: SET Architects and Moneo Brock.

Bologna Shoah Memorial – SET Architects


The purpose of the project is to give Bologna a recognizable monument and at the same time a new reference point for the historic centre. This is a landmark that highlights the city’s skyline and which allows people to evoke the memory of the past, in memory of those who suffered horrible events.
In this way, the structure that recalls the wooden bunks in the concentration camps comes to life in an urban context. It dramatically increases the size of the individual and creates an endless repetition of a form which appears as a single cell in the dormitory.

Parish Church in Pueblo Serena – Moneo Brock


The church is located in the centre of a large square to the southeast of a new urban development in Monterrey, Mexico.
Through this contemporary architecture project the studio is establishing a dialogue in which the spaces inside the church allow not only social activities, religious rituals and festivals, but also represent the development of an architectural language with a long history that expresses continuity and also renewal. The desire is for this church to be seen as a place of meditation as much as a social and educational centre.

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