The designs for the Mixed Use & Residential Buildings and Hotel & Leisure categories


Here finally are the names of the projects in the Mixed Use & Residential Buildings and Hotel & Leisure categories selected by the international jury of Luca Molinari, Francisco Mangado and Vincenzo Latina that will take part in the 2017 ARCHMARATHON Selections@MADE EXPO event. The studios present from 8th to 11th March will be Mei Architects and Planners, Olalquiaga Arquitectos, Wee Studio and Tagliabue + Saracino.

De Verkenner – Mei Architects and Planners


A new 50 metre high residential tower located in Utrecht has been designed to boost the development of this district with its post-war reconstruction.
The façade was created by local craftsmen using local materials and design reflects the concrete blocks of the nearby Kanaleneiland apartments while the colour blends in with the brick façades of the adjacent areas even if it is built in concrete.
13,000 ceramic tiles containing real pieces of poetry were created exclusively for this project by Royal Tichelaar Makkum who are world-renowned for their ceramic creations.

Viviendas de alquiler en Vallecas – Olalquiaga Arquitectos


he studio wanted to create a large divided-up area that would allow the passage of light through the open sections and result in spaces of various sizes with different heights and several internal and external points of view. In spite of a uniform and monotonous corridor, probably poorly lit and ventilated, an extension was planned along with an enlargement and expansion of some of the modules in order to achieve greater diversification along with an improvement in light and vision.

The Treehouse – Wee Studio


The Treehouse is located in a small forest with a mountain spring at the foot of Wuling Mountain in Miyun, Beijing. The building expresses a part of the relationship between nature and architecture.
At the end of 2015 the studio launched a crowdfunding project on the Internet that enjoyed great success in a short space of time. Rather than building a tree house independently, it was decided to invite a number of people with the same interests to take part in the design and construction process and have fun while doing it. The 8m2 building is divided into three parts: a deck and two separate polyhedrons, which are a tea room and a bathroom respectively. The tea room is paved with tatami mats and is designed to become a bedroom at night.

Casa Riga – Tagliabue + Saracino


Casa Riga offers both accommodation and a place for small events, parties and conferences. The home of a family of farmers and their guests is set in agricultural land used for fruit tree orchards while benefiting from a magnificent view.
The high level of attention needed in order to insert a construction of considerable size into the landscape led the designers to take advantage of the natural slope and create a building that is partially underground: architecture and topography combined.

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